Creating with iPads

We have all our resources prepared and we are ready to being creating our masterpieces....

Step 4:  Create the Video - iMovie


iMovie Help guide
Quick Edit Videography with iMovie

I recommend making a project rather than a trailer as you have more control over the process.

Use iMovie for iPad in landscape mode to see the full screen.

Considerations for Teaching

  • theme music is stuck on the whole time
  • can raise the volume of voiceover
  • when recording audio - wait for 3 seconds
  • use a theme
  • break audio down into sections - don't record a whole script
  • can slice sound recordings
  • can change transitions
  • ken burns effect can be set to be still

Step 5 - Exporting the Finished Product

Considerations for Teaching

  • may time out at school - uploads more easily at home
  • iMovie > Google Drive > Moodle
  • make sure you aren't in a wifi dead spot
  • if it keeps failing on uploading try making the file smaller